About Rattan

Real Rattan Furniture

There’s nothing Else like it !

Rattans grow naturally only in tropical forests of the Asia Pacific Region. Outside this, it is only found naturally growing in West Africa.

Rattan is a spiny, climbing plant belonging to the sub-family “Calamoideae” of the Palm family Palmae”. In all, the rattans of the world may possibly number about 600 species in 13 genera, with the genera Calamus being the predominant species used in furniture.

Weight for weight, Rattan is one of the strongest natural woods available – ideal for Furniture construction.

Rattans are the most maintenance free furniture materials available. They require only an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. All washable with soap and water, all repairable.

Rattan furniture has its own ambience and for those that love a natural product nothing else compares, it is practical, elegant, timeless and can be any genre you want.

Rattan cane is one of nature’s fastest growing natural resources, so when you purchase a natural rattan product you can relax and enjoy its natural beauty knowing that it’s naturally eco friendly. Truly a renewable resource.

Go on, Enjoy